b'REDEFINING THE ART OF GLASS MAKINGAN INK MADE FROM O L D T Y R E SIn partnership with external experts, the Stoelzle innovationblack silk-screen effect, which is indistinguishable when team has developed a brand new eco-friendly ink. compared to common black inks. The recycled ink saves Stoelzle proudly introduces an innovative, environmentallycarbon, which is a precious raw material and simultaneously friendly black printing ink that is developed from rubber waste, reduces rubber waste. The recycled ink decor is available exclusively for Stoelzle Glass Group. The Recovered Carbonin a dark shade of black, as well as in shades of grey and is Black, which is used as a basis of the new inks, is 100%available through all three Stoelzle Glass Group decoration derived from end-of-life tyres. Printed bottles achieve a deepsites in France, Poland and the UK.77'