b'DECORATION HAS BECOME A VITAL PART OF THE PRESTIGE SPIRITS MARKET WITH MORE CUSTOMERS LOOKING TOWARDS DECORATION TO GIVE THEIR PRODUCT AN EDGE. A WIDE RANGE OF DECORATION TECHNIQUES ARE AVAILABLE TO ELEVATE YOUR DESIGN TO SIT AT THE TOP OF THE MARKET.SCREEN PRINTING PRINTING AROUND CORNERSScreen Printing is the method whereWe have the equipment, skill and a mesh is used to transfer ink onto aknowledge to print around glass corners substrate to reproduce an image, while applying a number of inks,text or design. This process allowspaints and techniques to this process.multiple colours to be printed and layered to create more intricate visuals.UV/ORGANIC PRINTING CERAMIC/PRECIOUS METALACCESSORY APPLICATIONUV/Organic Printing is similar toPRINTING Badges, plaques or collars can be Standard Screen Printing but uses theCeramic and Precious Metal Printing isadded to bottles which can bevery latest technology. Several colourssimilar to Standard Screen Printing butself-adhesive or glued in-house.can be printed onto the glass at once. with the added capability of introducing durable, precious metal materials such as gold, silver and copper.4'