b'REDEFINING THE ART OF GLASS MAKINGFULL BODY SPRAY ACID ETCH EFFECT SPRAY VIGNETTE SPRAYFull body spray coating can be appliedThe Acid Etch Effect Spray is anotherThe Vignette Spray process can be used to to bottles of every shape and size.sustainable decoration process whichachieve a gradient effect. Using this technique, We use a sustainably sourced organicprovides a frosted effect to a bottle.we are able to control our paint guns to apply lacquer which can be applied in aThis method is the perfect technique tothe colour in a way that fades as it travels range of colours. achieve a sea glass effect. up the bottle. This leaves a gradient visual between the liquid and the glass.GLOW IN THE DARK SPRAY BASE SPRAY WE ARE ABLE TO MATCH We offer a Glow in the Dark SprayBase spraying entails the application ofSPRAYS TO PANTONE COLOURSperfect for ensuring your bottle is first tocolour to only the base of the bottle. ThisThis gives you an almost unlimited be seen on the back of a bar. We use technique refracts the light, highlightingchoice of colour and ensures the bottle specialised paints containing UVunique features on the bottle, whilematches the brand.fluorescent or phosphorescent pigmentsemphasising both brand and design. to create a remarkable finish on theCare to see for yourself? View our Isle glass, illuminating your bottle and brand. of Harris gin bottle design.5'