b'REDEFINING THE ART OF GLASS MAKINGCAPS AND CLOSURES, AND MUCH MOREF R O M O U R E X P E R T SDue to the optimized integration of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, with regards to both glass production and decoration, Stoelzle guarantees timely results from the drawing to actual decorated glass samples. Our expertise allows us to offer the most cost-effective and appealing item for individual customer needs. Stoelzle experts in design, decoration, engineering and production develop an average of 250 new products per year.As a one-stop-shop, Stoelzle supplies a broad range of closures and caps for almost all our standard and customized items. We assist customers in finding the most suitable closure for specific products and also offer advice on safety and functionality. Depending on the type, a closure offers the consumerand bottle specific advantages and has many functions.It serves as a security seal for the first opening, protects the contents and ensures easy handling when opening and trouble-free re-closing. All closures and caps are customized to every product, freely selectable in shape and type. With the suitable neck finish, we ensure that the desired closure harmonizes with the packaging, forms a perfect unit and protects the product as best as possible.3'