b'STOELZLEP O L A N DPoland adapted to the ever-increasing demand for high-end packaging, specifically in Prestige Spirits and Beauty products. The expertise within our Polish branch ensure a highly successful production line for premium products with exceptionally skilled and diverse decorating capabilities. Founded in 1897, our factory in Poland joined the Stoelzle Glass Group in 2001.STOELZLESTOELZLEF R A N C E U KBy opening a dedicated production lineThe UK is home to our largest Spirits in our French plant in Masnires, France,production site, located in Knottingley. In the Stoelzle became closer to Spirits customers17th and 18th century, the Knottingley plant and reduced carbon footprint. The linewas known for its production of window became operational in June 2021 andglass. While the factory has changed over manufactures decanters and bottles fortime, the passion for glass remains as strong Premium Spirits.as ever. In more recent years and with the In addition to a production site, Stoelzlehelp of generous investments, we haveopened a sales office in Cognac, France, fine-tuned our knowledge to become experts in January 2020, a very promising marketin the Spirits market, delivering to top Spirits for Premium Spirits. customers in the region and internationally. 10'