b'INNOVATING NEW S U S T A I N A B L E P R O C E S S E S T I G I T A LAnother kind of powder based decoration is the innovative TIGITAL technology, which allows to achieve photo-realistic artworks whilst saving 85% of C0emission compared to classic screen 2printing. This technique suits well for very small lots and allows a high level of flexibility.ECO-FRIENDLY POWDER-COATINGU A L I G L A S SQC O A T 2 . 0The Quali Glass coat 2.0 technique is Stoelzles special powder coating process and has won the coup de coeur at the Formes de Luxe Awards for being both eco-friendly and appealing. The innovative, eco-friendly powder coating is completely solvent free and helps save up to 77% of COemissions compared to standard 2lacquering. Applied to amber bottles, commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, the 40-micron powder coating gives a perfectly smooth surface with a beautiful high-end matte finish.6'